Primary Community

The Four Seasons mixed-age primary program is for children ages 3 to 5 years. Our highly qualified teachers offer a play-based approach to learning inspired by Tools of the Mind and Reggio-Emilia. These two, child-centered models of early childhood learning promote the foundational skills that result in emergent language and literacy development. Activities and materials are multi-level which challenge and support each child at his own level and learning style.

The youngest children in this group are continuing to learn about themselves and the world around them through the manipulation of their senses. Opportunities to express themselves and focus through the use of sensory materials are critical as they prepare for more intentional learning.

As the children grow they develop a more mature level of play that is foundational to their social-emotional intelligence and self-regulation. Community based play and long term projects support their ability to focus, remember on purpose, plan one’s actions, reflect on one’s thinking, and cooperate and act with empathy toward peers.

Primary Community Eligibility Ages 3 to 5.

Children may be accepted at 2 1/2 years at the discretion of the director and based on the following criteria with limited classroom openings. To be enrolled in the primary class, a child must be able to carry out the following tasks with minimum to no assistance:

1. Toileting needs and other related personal hygiene.

2. Eating and drinking from a regular cup.

3. Dress and undress, including shoes.

4. Communicate needs.

5. Participate and engage in mixed-age community learning.

6. Thumb or finger-sucking and personal security items for naptime only. No pacifiers.

FSCS has an open-concept school where the children all work together in a child-centered and teacher-inspired environment. Our ideology and approach is inspired by Tools of the Mind and Reggio-Emillia which encourages collaborative learning in an environment of both intentional and fluid structure. In order to establish a balanced community, placement is based on choice of schedule, age, personality, and developmental readiness.